lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Our seventh day in New York

This is The Abyssinian Baptist Church we visited

For that, we had to get up very early and queue for a few hours

Then, we went to Central Park for lunch and socialized for a while

In the afternoon we went to Strawberry Fields to John Lennon's Memorial to sing Imagine

We all did and enjoyed a lot

Pau was in charge of the video and took care of the event

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  1. No sé si ha estat pel gospel o pel vostre cant d'Imagine, però teniu previsió de pluja a partir de dimecres, agafeu paraigua!!! Ara seriosament, us veiem alegres i molt macos a tots. Es nota que us ho passeu bé i nosaltres des d'aquí també gaudim veient-ho. Un plaer. Petons!!!!!!!