martes, 1 de septiembre de 2009

Our second day in New York

Today we took the metro to go to ...

No comments!

We loved the dinosaurs

And exhausted, we took a break at the museum steps. Everybody was there except ...

They were concentrated in the fossils and met them at Central Park

This is the Flat iron building. One of our schools is close to this excellent building

Dakota Apartments where John Lennon was shot dead. Yoko lives there.

Can you imagine?

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  1. ei esteu tots/totes molt guapos. El pais preciós, llàstima que no parlin aquella llengua romànica tan bonica:)

  2. It looks so exciting!!!!
    I wish I was there , but my daughter wouldn´t agree....
    Kisses for everyone, specially for the teachers!!!
    Cristina Ribot