sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

Our thirteenth day in New York

We met at 9.00 o'clock at Grand Central Station for a trip to Beacon

After a beautiful trip along the Hudson River we arrived there

This is the photograph of the group on the way to Dia:Beacon Museum

Tis is it. It is a museum of modern art with some Tapies, Warhol and some others

Back to NY and ready for a farewell dinner at Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square

We had hamburgers with chips

And burgers

More burgers

And coca cola ...

and burgers

Then we went for a stroll around Times Square

That's all folks!!!!

See you in Barcelona on Monday at around 14.00

Abans d'anar a l'aeroport, comproveu l'hora d'arribada del vol: Swissair LX1954 de Zurich, hora prevista d'arribada 14:00h del dilluns 14/9, terminal 1.

viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

This is our twelfth day in New York

Satellite Academy High School welcomed us and showed us around. We were not allowed to take any picture with the students but we attended a general meeting and could chat with some of the students in a classroom.

This is the classroom where we were talking to the American students. They explained their timetable to us and the organization of the school.

This looks nice! We wish we could have this in our school in Barcelona

We are not all in the photograph because the group in the Empire building hadn't finished the classes and we were waiting for them under a shelter because of the rain and the wind.

All the staff at GEOS school congratulated us for the excellent behaviour of the group. We are very proud of them.

jueves, 10 de septiembre de 2009

Our eleventh day in New York

Today was the day of the Metropolitan Museum. We had little time to see the museum but we hurried to see as much as possible.

Then, a big smile for the group photograph of the day

The Guggenheim was so close that we went to see the building. The museum was closed but it was worth seeing it from the outside.

Here it is

miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009

Our tenth day in New York

Today we went downtown and paid our respects at the memorial of firemen at Ground Zero

Battery Park

The Stock and Exchange Market

The statue of the first president of the USA George Washington in Wall Street

Rachel explained about Botero's bull statue at the beginning of Broadway

And finally we had a rest

martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Our ninth day in New York

After the classes we went to the United Nations

This is the General Assembly where big decissions are made

Here, the representatives can listen to the speakers in different languages

At the end of the visit we sat under the broken world. Then we went to 42nd street to have a look at Grand Central Station.

lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2009

Our eighth day in New York

Today we met at Madison Square Park at 10. Most of us were on time. It is a bank holiday so there are no classes. We went to Coney Island.

Here it is one of the oldest fairy wheel in the world. And also the first place where hot dogs were made.

We went to the beach and some students went for a swim. It was not too cold.

The team of girls ready for the picture

And the team of boys after a game of ball.
We all came back safe and sound
Tomorrow back to school and normal timetable

Our seventh day in New York

This is The Abyssinian Baptist Church we visited

For that, we had to get up very early and queue for a few hours

Then, we went to Central Park for lunch and socialized for a while

In the afternoon we went to Strawberry Fields to John Lennon's Memorial to sing Imagine

We all did and enjoyed a lot

Pau was in charge of the video and took care of the event